Our amazingly dedicated and enthusiastic mentors from JMP Engineering have been a HUGE addition to our team this year. JMP included a great article about us in their October, 2014 Press Release.

The Awesome Grant, 2014

Renaissance Robotics presented at "Awesome London's Pitch Night", a monthly Dragon's Den style presentation where different people present their idea to make their community a better (more Awesome) place. The Awesome Foundation's slogan really fits with our team's premise:

"For the Arts and Sciences and the advancement of Awesomeness in the universe."

The "Awesome Foundation" is a worldwide network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe. Created in the long hot summer days of 2009 in Boston, the Foundation distributes a series of monthly $1,000 grants to projects and their creators. The money is pooled together from the coffers of ten or so self-organizing “micro-trustees” and given upfront in cash, check, or gold doubloons. The chapters are autonomous and organized by the trustees around geographic areas or topics of interest.

The Foundation provides these grants with no strings attached and claims no ownership over the projects it supports. It is, in the words of one of our trustees, a micro-genius grant for flashes of micro-brilliance!

Our intro video (above) for our pitch! We were the first High School students to ever pitch an idea - and we won $1000! The night was a LOT of fun!

The London and the Cambridge Community news also published our "Awesome Pitch" story!